Rev. Dr. DKS

i have a good friend, dave smith, who is the most original guy i know when it comes to integrating media into presentations.  and also the most insane.  somehow he comes up with the most interesting or the most absurd (or both) clips of music, video, art, etc to drive home his points.

so on this page i’m going to occasionally throw up a clip of some sort.  and the challenge is you have to come up with a way to use it effectively in some sort of presentation.  you don’t actually have to do it (though if you document evidence of it, even better), just outline the idea.  

i’ll choose the best & come up with some sort of prize…coffee on me if you’re close or a donation to a charity if you’re far.  enjoy!

Round 2: Melting – click here.  This one’s wide open still…submit your idea today!

Round 1: Emerging – click here.  Tim Beck wins the day!


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