Clean water, coffee, and casting convenience aside.

December 3, 2012

This morning I sat with 3 eighth grade guys, hearing their dream about holding a Water Walk, opening up the eyes of their peers and their community to the difficult condition that others live in on a daily basis. Having personally experienced the difficulty of getting clean water in the villages of Mozambique several years back, this is an issue that cuts straight to my heart.

But alongside the obvious importance of the issue was the earnestness of this incredible group of middle schoolers. They had done thorough research and prepared a presentation better than what most university students would put together. They presented with passion and purpose and I couldn’t help but say yes! to getting involved.

I don’t have time to do this. I’m getting married in 25 days. I’m launching a start-up that, yes, does these sorts of things, but I already have 2 projects in motion and am running dawn to dusk figuring out organizational structure, communication strategy, administrative design, funding, and a passel of other things.

But that doesn’t matter. These students’ have an idea that does matter. They have potential and the the ability to act on that potential and I refuse to be the one that holds them back, that limits their possibility.

And I’m reminded in this moment of the importance of what I’m about. It’s not about a job, a salary, a to-do list. It’s about dreams and hopes, about healing and restoration. It’s about not waiting until tomorrow what can and should be done today.

Will you join me in this? I still have spots open over the next two weeks to sit down over a cup of coffee, learn more, and join a growing movement that will change the world. Click here to find your spot.


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