January 5, 2009

alonei’ve been thinking about my single status a bit more than usual recently.  while i don’t think it’s because of any single factor, i think it’s a combination of things including the holidays (which always have a way of making me feel lonely), my best friend’s wedding (which was great fun, by the way), and that i tend to go through cycles and i’d been in a pretty content cycle for awhile.  

anyway, i don’t have any intention of putting self-obsessed, whiny, why me posts up here.  first off because i think that we’ve gotta work with what we’re dealt.  and second because i think there’s a lot of value in being single.  and, unfortunately, the church has largely done a crappy job at making marriage an expectation rather than a gift.  but all that’s for another post.

one of the things that i was thinking of through all of this was how very little there is out there from folks walking through singleness. Read the rest of this entry »


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