Environmental Theology…

April 11, 2011

The past week of my grad school studies has included a brief glance at environmental theology. As Christians, we ought to have a theology for every area of life…an understanding of how God is present in and sustains every area of our lives. We read a selection from Wendell Berry (one of my favorite writers) and below you’ll find my post for the week. Thought it might spark some thought/reflection and I really enjoyed writing it.

The assignment: List 4-5 areas that you believe the Christian community needs to take on to deal with environmental issues (based out of our reading, which you can read for yourself here). Read the rest of this entry »


Forts, falling leaves, and other acts of faithfulness.

January 31, 2011

Growing up, we had two massive trees in our front yard. They were great for playing hide and seek behind, for showering us with fort-building materials in the fall, and providing some much-needed shade in the middle of scorching summer afternoons spent playing outside. Sad were the days when first one and then the next had to come down, morphing our front play space into an area much easier to play catch in, but more bland as well.

One day toward the end of grade school, though, they handed out trees to all of the students to take home and plant. I proudly claimed a tiny little sapling, excited about the idea that I could fill what had now been empty for a couple years. My parents, being the kind-hearted people that they are, let me plant it right in the middle of our front yard, barely taller than an angry weed.

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i wore sandals

March 1, 2007

this morning i woke up to the sound of rain.

december in ohio was rather warm this year. so was january, actually. unseasonably high temperatures allowed many pleasant days of walking to work and also of not having to listen to the incessant grumbling that we northeast ohioneers seem to be so adept at. i honestly don’t understand why some people live here…i think it’s really just to have something to continually complain about. i personally love our weird weather. it adds spontaneity to life.

and then the blizzard came. just when i was about to start some complaining myself, we got lambasted with a beautiful pile of snow. and all was good in the world. i love deep winter.

and today i woke up to rain.

like anyone else, i can tire of winter after awhile. as much as i love the snow, i love it like my attention span thinks about most things…in short amounts. preferably a lot in that short time, but i need some variety before long. so waking up to rain today made me glad. partially because lying in bed listening to the sound of rain is one of the few things for me that never gets old. also because i’m ready for spring. knowing ohio, winter will revisit us a few more times before spring shows up in proper form. but that’s ok, because i know that spring is on the horizon.

and so in celebration today of spring, of march 1st, of rain…
i wore sandals.

and all was well.

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