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January 23, 2008

an email i sent out today:


The other week I wrote some of you & let you know that I’ve had the opportunity to speak several times at The Chapel recently, particularly around the topic of pornography & intimacy. Thanks to many of you who have taken some time to pray for me…your prayers have been felt & encouraging. Some of you go to The Chapel and heard me in the morning, but I thought you might be interested in talk I gave at Illuminate. Anyway, I wanted to give you the links to the two different talks that I gave so that you can take a listen if you so desire:

Reconstructing Intimacy: Intimacy with Others
I co-preached this sermon with one of our Sr. Pastors, Paul Sartarelli. The main topic I spoke on was accountability. (both the sermon on the 13 & the 20 are the same sermon, just different services.

Reconstructing Intimacy: The Fallacy of Intimacy with Self
I shared this talk with our Illuminate service, an evening service offered at The Chapel. It’s sort of a service for young people, but we really have a range of ages there. But it allows us to to be a bit more outside the box with sermon style, so it’s definitely a different style of sermon that what Paul & I did in the morning. I’ve made a photo album on Facebook so that you can see most of the slides that I used…they’re in order, but you’ll have to use context clues to figure out when I was showing them : ) You can look at them here:

And the song we sang in response at the end, if you desire to really embrace the experience, was “Grace Flows Down.” You can listen to it online here:

The sermon is the January 20th one found here:

I’d love to hear your feedback & thoughts on either of these. For a variety of resources we’re making available along with this series, you can go to

Hope this finds you well…

Joel Daniel


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