seismos pt. 2 – a beginning list of questions


Seismos is a gathering of 17 youth leaders from 4 states & 15 churches representing over 9 different denominations.  We’re meeting for three days to dig into what the future of youth ministry might be.  For this third post (you can see the first two here & here), we’ll dive into our first real discussion, which we used to list questions that had been raised the last few weeks as we’d read the book and thought about it.  Some of these questions are very directly connected to material in the book and some are more general questions.  The next several posts after this will include appreciative inquiries of Youth Ministry 1.0 and Youth Ministry 2.0, and then discussions of what we decided our top 6 questions were.

-is the shift we’re feeling in youth ministry just a reflection of a shift we’re feeling in a larger church?  how does this engage with newsweek/blog/etc articles

-how does the age bracket shift in adolescence affect what we do?

-are we pushing into adulthood prematurely or too much?

-as we sense a shift in youth ministry, how do we wisely do this in a church that may or may not be accepting?

-how do we engage the whole church in a holistic picture of ministry?

-what are the things we fear about change?

-how do we bridge sub-cultures?  or should we try?  is it ok to let students solely identify with their own affinity groups?

-what are best practices for partnering together & supporting various ministries?

-what defines adolescence?  who defines adolescence?

-what do we think affinity is?

-how does story affect what we do?  what is story?

-what’s 4.0? if we’re always behind the cultural curve as Christians, how can we get ahead of it &/or create culture instead of respond to it?

-what about programming?  is there any redemptive piece of it?  (endnote #54, pg 72)

-do we balance the stool or do we lean on one?  prioritization versus throwing stuff out?  what if it’s not a stool (ie, there’s more than 3 defining pieces)?

-what’s the common ground between various generations (1.0, 2.0, 3.0) of youth ministry?

-what are the battles/rumors corollated to youth ministry that we can address as a group?  create a Camp Carl Creed

-what things in the moment do we retain as principles, instead of realizing they’re tools?

-how can we be aware of & strategize our approach to reflect the the present cultural changes?  what are the markers of cultural change?

-what should be counter-cultural?  what can we roll with in culture?

-how do we “lead up”?  the things that we’re learning…how do we spread these to the rest of the church body?  how do we lower the walls between youth ministry and the rest of the church?

-how does family play into all of this?

-how do we create better transitions?  how do we stop losing so many along the way?


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