seismos pt. 1 – the future of youth ministry

picture-65Seismos is a gathering of 17 youth leaders from 4 states & 15 churches representing over 9 different denominations.  We’re meeting for three days to dig into what the future of youth ministry might be.  This is the second post, which will give you a glimpse of who is here participating in the conversation.

we asked each leader to share where they’re at, how they got there, a few top books/authors, and the basics of what they do.  some church/group #’s have been included, not for ranking but for contextualization.  this is the super condensed version:

John Moores

-Rivertree Christian Church in Jackson Township

-started pursuing youth min in early 90’s.  10 years @ Saint Philips in Pittsburgh.  2 years @ Rivertree (3 campuses….coaches/oversees)

-Reggie McNeal – “Practices of Greatness”

-“In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day”

-Richard Foster – “Celebration of Discipline”

-large part of John’s role is communication & oversight/coaching

Matt Wiggins

-Quail Hollow Presbyterian Church in NC  (average age 65, less than 200)

-in 2006 moved to Charlotte & shortly after started at QHPC

-“The Things They Carried” – Tim O’Brien (story truth & real truth)

-likes making movies as a group

-currently doesn’t have many adult volunteers

-“The Rite” – Mike Baglio

Frankie Graber

-Hartville Church of the Brethren

-“Contemplative Youth Ministry”

-no regular programming but assorted activities

-currently doesn’t have many adult volunteers

-started doing youth ministry in her late 40’s

Joe Troyer

-Hartville Mennonite

-2 1/2 years…is his home church

-how do you teach in the midst of seasons of transition in your life?

-“Engaging the Soul of Youth Culture” – Walt Mueller

-“Beyond Me – Grounding your Youth Ministry in God’s Story”

-Greg Boyd books

Laura  Meierediecks

-Rivertree Christian Church

-involved in Youth for Christ in high school

-interned @ Rivertree for a few years & started full-time as MS oversight 8 months ago

-spends a lot of time investing in leaders

-Henri Nouwen, Rob Bell & Shane Claiborne

Darin Nisely

-First Mennonite (Canton, OH)

-does after school programming in urban neighborhood – The Lighthouse – “it is a ministry, but it doesn’t really look like one”

-youth group at church is 60% from neighborhood, 40% from church – goal for breakdown

-how does youth ministry 3.0 fit with urban culture?

-Greg Boyd – “Myth of a Christian Nation” & “Repenting of Religion”

Chelsae Cobb

-Saint Philips church in Pittsburgh

-been there full time for about 2 years

-HS – rotates, worship, meals, service

LeAnne Snavely

-volunteer worship leader at Rivertree

-finishing @ Malone University this semester

-Rob Bell & Shane Claiborne, Bonhoeffer & Panenburg

-feels a calling to bridge academia & the church

Derek Myers

-Faith Methodist in Canton

-interned at First Friends for 4 years & then interim high school guy @ First Friends for 6 months

-1/2 of population of youth group are from “charter members” families and 1/2 don’t have much church “experience”

-have intentional “organic” hangout times outside (at Caffe Gelato), etc

-“The Brothers K”

-“Pagan Christianity” – Frank Viola

-“Jayber Crow” – Wendell Berry

Richard Smith

-Sharon Methodist in North Carolina for 3 years

-20 years of youth ministry, 4 different churches

-“Under The Overpass” – Mike Yankoski & other social justice stuff

-went from large program in Florida to small program in NC

-“Crazy Love” – Francis Chan

-Jim Cymbala, Mark Yaconelli

Kevin Thomas

-First Baptist in Canton – 9 years

-started doing YM in 1993

-“Help for Kids Who Hurt” – Marv Penner

-“Screen Free Parenting” & “King Me” (father/son book)

-Ted Doeker stuff

Paul Rhodes

-Valleyview Church in Louisville, KY

-9 years as Middle School guy @ Valleyview

-did 2 years as Children’s Pastor prior

-“Me to We” (leadership book)

-large number of adult leaders

-do small groups based entirely on affinity group

Matt Ellington

-Stanwood Community Church about 8 months in Dalton, OH

-home church…and now their first youth pastor

-“Youth Ministry 101” – Walt Mueller

-“Sustaining Youth Ministry” – Mark DeVries

Tom Roepke

-New Hope Community Church, outside of Ashland, OH

-30 years in ministry, last 3 as full time

-works with a lot of adult leaders

-“Believing in Christ” series from Youth Specialties

-“Simple Church”

-Malcolm Gladwell & Seth Godin

-“Crazy Love” – Francis Chan

Jarrod Williams

-The Chapel

-grew up Catholic, then went to Pentecostal

-connected into Campus Crusade at Kent State

-started MS ministry at The Chapel 7 months ago

-“First 2 Years in YM” – Doug Fields

Char Messenger

-Deuber United Methodist

-YM for 20 years

Joel Daniel Harris

-Middle School Youth Pastor & Instigator of Justice at First Friends

-been there 9 months…at The Chapel for the 4 years prior, also in Middle School

-“The Brain That Changes Itself”

-“Jayber Crow” – Wendell Berry

-“5 Smooth Stones” – Ann Fairbairn


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