one of the things i’m often frustrated with is our knowledge, as people who live in the US, of what’s going in the rest of the world.  some of it i blame on the media, who does a lousy job at covering international news, but the majority of it i probably have to blame us, who are too lazy to do any research or pursue any sort of larger world view (myself included). 

so a couple weeks ago, when my friend, Adam Speas, sent me an email that had “crazy idea” in the subject line, i didn’t know what was coming.  he’s living in South Africa right now and it just happens that he has several refugees from Zimbabwe living with him.  apparently, unbeknownst to many of us in the West, Zimbabwe is in the midst of a gigantic humanitarian crisis.  now, i know where Zimbabwe is & even what shape it is & what their flag looks like (because of my weird obsession with geography) but i was fairly oblivious to this situation.  just one staggering fact among many is that 1/2 of their population lacks the food they need to get through each day.

Adam proceeded to offer the opportunity for flipd to skype in with his friend, James (who is 17), to learn more, which we did this past Sunday.  it was pretty challenging…none of us had considered that James might find it challenging to talk to a computer…but it was worth it.  

anyway, Adam & his wife, Johanna, put together this great primer on some of the details of what’s going on in Zimbabwe right now as well as the stories of several people that they’ve personally met and gotten to know who have been affected.  i would highly recommend taking the time to read this and maybe even doing some additional research.


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