love is in the air

my friend Hannah recently wrote a note on Facebook talking about places where love is revealed in her life.  about how love can be very difficult to capture and even to give, but that it’s all around us if we’ll recognize it and let it do its outside the lines sorta painting.

i agreed with her.  i think love trumps all.  the Bible says this, too.  and though we live in a culture that encourages us to subvert love for our own demands and pleasure (proper name=lust), as the cultivators and redeemers that God has designed us to be, Christians ought to be the most affluent in spending love with their lives.  on a side note, when we approach culture without love as the life of our message, we miss the whole story of God throughout creation.

but this got me thinking, like Hannah, about pieces of my life where i see love reflected.  not just things or people i love, but what most regularly exemplifies love to me.  so here’s a few:

i see love in Jason Ferrel.


Jason’s my best friend.  we’ve been through a lot.  he probably won’t read this, because he doesn’t read much besides schoolwork at the moment, so i can get away with returning some love his direction.  he listens, empathizes, calls me out, gives me a hard time, and is brutally honest with me about himself and about what he sees in me, for better or worse.  i want to invest myself in people’s lives like                                                           he’s invested in mine.


 i see love in my youth network.

picture-63 the Stark County Youth Network has been a thoroughly rejuvenative* group for me this fall.  i love that we’re all different personalities, that we all do things differently, and that we all think differently, but we love each other and we love kids the same.  i’ve learned and been challenged so much in the last 6 months since we started pursuing this hard together.  and i have so much excitement for partnering in the future.     


i see love in Jason Lantz.

picture-621Jason has bigger dreams than i do (and more often) and if you know me, that might be hard to believe.  but he’s not some idealistic sap…he’s pours his heart and life into what he dreams.  every ounce of it.  his heart exudes love for all of God’s creation, including those entirely different from himself.  he breaks down walls and barriers that we (i) falsely construct to keep ourselves safe and comfortable. and he’s about to unleash some gigantic amounts of love into Canton in some radical ways.


i see love in the wilderness.

dsc07000 don’t get me wrong…i like people.  but i feel most refreshed on my Sabbath when i get to go spend time away from everyone in the middle of creation.  the less evidence of humanity, the better.  getting a vacation in the middle of nowhere is even better.  the 100 mile wilderness is one of my all time best events of my life.  the intricacy and detail, the silence and the sounds heard in that “silence”…these echo God’s love to me in ever increasing waves.  


there’s a lot more, for sure.  but i think i’ll end there, before you get tired of reading and ask what do you see love in?

*it’s my blog.  i can make up words if i want.


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  1. hannah crabbs says:


    love ya jdh

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