the double eagle

last night i had the privilege to hang out with 130 middle school students all night long at our annual all-nighter called “That Thing.”  we had a blast at the Kent State Rec Center for the night playing basketball, dodgeball, soccer, swimming, rock climbing, eating and generally being goofy.  as part of the night, we shared who Christ is through a little video that my pal, Derke Urey, helped me make.  Take a look & let me know what you think…

my friends, Wild Boy of Aveyron, lent us the music.


7 Responses to the double eagle

  1. Ty says:

    hey man! that’s a sweet video! how awesome is it that our Father was willing to spend his Son to get US!!!!

  2. mattwiggins says:

    The video is gone!

  3. joeldaniel says:

    @Ty…pretty crazy!

    @Matt…i still see it? here’s a direct link to watch it at vimeo if it’s not showing up for you:

  4. Jessica Wells says:

    You were right down the road from me! Sounds like so much fun. Do all 130 of those kids go to your church?
    I’ll have to watch the video later, but it sounds very interesting.

  5. joeldaniel says:

    @Jessica…not all 130 go here. we’re still tallying exact #’s of visitors, etc. i do know that after watching the video, 4 students decided to give their lives to Christ & 15 decided they were holding back in some way in their walk with God and wanted to give more. we’ll be doing follow up with all of those students in the next few days.

  6. Jessica Wells says:

    A really good song for anyone who feels they are holding something back from God is Take My Life from Third Day. The chorus is such an applicable prayer.

    The video is a little Donald Milleresque (yup a new word) it seems like a lot of random stories but there is a point. I like that while there is some sillyness, you are treating the Jr. Highers as rational people, and not resorting to cartoons or grossness. I’ll bet they paid attention

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