Rick Warren’s round house kick

chuck-norris-split-rockthere was a lot of buzz a few weeks ago over the two prayers that were delivered as part of the inauguration.  i personally genuinely appreciated them both.  but what i didn’t grasp was an entire second level to Rick Warren’s prayer that Chuck Norris, using his super human round house kicking powers, lays out quite articulately in this article.  here’s the opening:

I know inaugural news and commentary are already passé. But I could not find one report this past week that caught what I believe was the most subtle, strategic and possibly subversive moment of the inauguration ceremony. Did you catch it?

 i am not particularly a fan of Chuck, but i think this is really good stuff.  what do you think?

>>ht to neatorama for the image and josh griffin for the article


4 Responses to Rick Warren’s round house kick

  1. joeldaniel says:

    my friend Lisa had this to say:

    “I read the article and it was very interesting. I really didn’t know what to make of his prayer, but when it was broken down, it really was phenomenal. I am really big on the Lord’s Prayer right now so the conclusion of the article on that subject was very poignant. Thanks for sharing!”

  2. joeldaniel says:

    and my friend Shawn had this to say:

    “who woulda known. chuck norris doesnt have another fist in that head. hes got a brain. wow.”

  3. tim says:

    Pretty impressive stuff.
    While I am not able to compete the intellect with this Chuck Norris guy, I blogged about the beauty of Warren’s prayer as well http://www.blackcoffeereflections.com/reflecting-on-rick-warren’s-invocation/01/

  4. NIce post.

    Here’s a video on the inauguration:



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