message prep meets web 2.0

800px-web_2_0_map_svgsometimes i wonder if technology is more of a benefit or a detriment to my lifestyle and ministry.  it’s a cause of a lot of procrastination.  it’s a seemingly endless distraction for tangential pursuits.  as i’ve shared often publicly, it’s also been a significant part of the problem in my struggles with porn.  

but despite all of this, i haven’t given up on technology.  it seems to me that there’s too much potential, too much good if channeled properly.  in the last few weeks i’ve had some cool opportunities to use web 2.0 to my advantage…

for the past month we’ve been doing a series at flipd called “iHave: conversations on stewarding your stuff”.  in preparation for one of my lessons, i threw up a request on twitter (@joeldaniel to follow) for video ideas and i had a great response.  here’s a list if you’d like to take a look at any:

thanks to @ChristineSine for these:

and here’s some of the others that i found or were suggested:

@RobbyMorales reminded me of The Advent Conspiracy as well.

it all came together in a fun discussion group based lesson.  we watched a video, i shared about a principle of stewardship, and then they discussed it in groups.


this past Sunday, we skyped in (i’m joeldanielharris if you’re on skype) Mike Cochran from CLM Orphanage in Brazil.  part of our students offerings goes directly to CLM and we had a great time of Q&A with Mike.  our students really seemed to enjoy it – it lasted for 30-40 minutes and they had all sorts of questions the whole time.  it was also neat for CLM as a handful of the kids there joined Mike and got to see all these students that pray for them and care about them as well.  i was pleasantly surprised at how good the audio was and the video wasn’t too bad either.  

to some these may seem like simple uses of technology, but they really helped me to connect with students in effective ways in the past few weeks.  i hope to be able to continue to use technology as a tool and not as a distraction in ministry.


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