YM Handy Dandy Helper #1

youth ministry, i often joke, is the art not of creation but of recreation.  a good youth pastor doesn’t make everything from scratch but learns to beg, borrow, and borrow unbeknownst to the owner (some call this stealing).  many of my best ideas are other people’s.  the good thing about the youth ministry community is that most of us want everyone else to succeed, so we’re more than happy to share.  in this vein, i thought it’d be helpful to try and post, once a week (or so), a resource that i’ve found to be helpful, interesting, or otherwise noteworthy.  i’ve tentatively titled these “YM Handy Dandy Helpers.”  and this is post #1…



one of the topics that youth most often face on a day-to-day basis is the issue of failure.  while we all fail a fair amount in life, many youth have been relatively protected from failure up to this point in life where they start receiving more responsibility and independence.  facing failure weaves itself into many of my talks & thoughts, as it connects with integrity, grace, hope, independence, and so many other youth related themes.

i recently came across a site, aptly titled FAIL Blog, that collects pictures and videos of people’s failures.  It’s a rather impressive, if discouraging conglomeration.  i can think of all sorts of handy ways to use these as openers, discussion starters, or just something to break up the lesson.  please note that there is a large variety of failures on this site, many that would not be appropriate for use in youth ministry (and some that just are really appropriate at all).  but, with some careful choices, i think you’ll find this site both funny and full of helpful illustrations.


have a resource that you think would be helpful to others?  email it to me and i’ll consider using it in a future post : )

3 Responses to YM Handy Dandy Helper #1

  1. This website has a lot of potential for the counseling field too. I’m working on my master’s in counseling at Malone and plan to work with teens. I can see how this could be used in group counseling sessions focusing on failure. Thanks for the link!

  2. joeldaniel says:

    glad you found it useful, Rebecca! thanks for stopping by : )

  3. mattwiggins says:

    Ha ha, good call, Joel. Never thought of the FailBlog like that before. But its sister site, icanhascheezburger.com has a lolcatspeak Bible. Good times.

    And it’s not stealing. As I’ve always said, “Creativity is the art of concealing your source.”

    I said that. Really.

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