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we’ve just started a series on stewardship titled as seen above.  i’ve never spent a whole month on stewardship before, but i’m excited about how it’s coming together.  whenever i create a lesson for our small groups, i always try to incorporate a leader devotional at the start that speaks straight to the leader, challenging them to start thinking/pondering/ruminating on whatever topic we’re about to tackle.  i thought you might enjoy the one that goes with this month’s lesson and have included it after the jump, as well as a PDF of next Wednesday’s lesson, which incorporates a brand new curriculum design i just finished and am pretty amped about…

“We live in a society of things.  And more things.  Messages all around us tell us that “more” is better, stronger, and generally more desirable.  A friend of mine once put it this way…  

“We live in country that is blessed materially.  Unfortunately that works against us.  We want things, we desire things, we want more.  Sometimes we are not content with where we are in life, or who we are.  Paul believed that knowing Christ as his Savior was sufficient and that it didn’t matter whether he had a lot or a little.  Christ was all he needed.“

This month we want to spend some time with our students talking about giving and stewardship.  A lot of times when we think of giving, we think only of money.  A Biblical theology of stewardship, however, extends to the entirety of our lives.  Our time, possessions, passions, money…even our relationships are all subject to God first.  In a society that places all things subject to self first, this ruler from another world that we have to give first allegiance to is intimidating and challenging.  

I’m excited to have the opportunity to dialogue with our students about these topics over the next month.  Take a few minutes before you dive into preparing for this lesson to read the following verses and to journal, think/process, or discuss with a friend what stewardship & the thoughts found above make you think about.

Psalm 24:1-2          *          Colossians 1:16-17 

click for full leader guide:



7 Responses to curriculum redesign

  1. timbeck05 says:

    nice work, joel. i like the title… and you suck. why? because i’m guessing that you created your iHave leaders guide with iWork? true? i saw that mac just released iWork09… i don’t have iWork but i remember you talking about it before. now i’m thinking that i really need it…

    anyway, it looks nice.

    coffee time soon?


  2. joeldaniel says:

    you are correct…though i used the ’08 version. actually, i’m a bit angry at myself at the moment because i love using Keynote (the iWork version of PowerPoint) and the ’08 version of Keynote had some upgrades. but somehow the whole last year passed by without me ever exploring them and now there’s a new version out. crazy! anyway, doing this in Pages made it so easy & fun to make. alright…enough with the mac commercial : )

    and coffee…soon…yes. in fact, we need to get crackin’ on our Feb youth network thing. super fast.


  3. mattwiggins says:

    “now i’m thinking that i really need it…”

    Tim, didn’t you just read Joel’s thing!? 😉

  4. You said, “A lot of times when we think of giving, we think only of money. A Biblical theology of stewardship, however, extends to the entirety of our lives.” And you are absolutely correct. It can become dangerous waters when all we teach students is to give of their money. It would be incomplete to tell them that. If they give their money, but hold back their time, energy, passion, service and their lives…they would have missed the mark. Thank you for the refreshing comments.

  5. joeldaniel says:

    @mattwiggins…good call. lol.

    @Jeff…thanks for the encouragement. one of the things i realized more in the last few weeks than i ever had before is how much worship & stewardship overlap. in fact, i’m still sorting through a bit what exactly the differences are. but what has been reinforced in my mind so far is that they are both whole-life issues, meaning that they effect every area and every action.

  6. sam van eman says:

    nice, joel. what are your users saying?

    see you this week.

  7. joeldaniel says:

    feedback so far has been pretty good. i’ve gotta get another one ready for next week here soon!

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