the church faces a seemingly endless series of challenges with each year it progresses.  new contexts & cultural shifts.  challenges to authority and tradition.  reinterpretation of doctrine and scripture.  and the list could go on.  oftentimes, these struggles are viewed only negatively, with the result being a walled-in version of God’s people that excludes instead of includes, that pushes people & cultures out instead of welcoming them in.  many advances that our world has experienced could be complimentary to our faith, rather than destructive.  like the established religion of the time rejected the concept of a round earth or an earth that revolves around the sun, so can we get stuck in our traditions and comfort ruts, be they in science, theology, music, or even technology.

a couple months ago a group of folks got together to discuss the intersection of technology & theology, both theoretically and in praxis.  the conversations ranged from birds-eye height thoughts on pastoral leadership in cultural shifts to ground-level, practical thoughts about applicable ways of using technology in a variety of church contexts.  

the good news is that they’re up to it again, with the physical location being Dallas, but with the ability to log in virtually from any office, coffee shop, or bed.  i joined in virtually on the first one & found it to be illuminating & thought provoking.  i plan on tuning in & out again amidst the rest of my normal schedule on Thursday, January 8th.  look here for more info & think about joining us:


ps: it’s free : )


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