Battle Royal

The holidays are a time for many things, one of which is a great time for connecting with students.  No school = lots of free time = fun to be had.  With this in mind, a group of 8th grade boys raided the Domanion (my dubiously named house – “the domain of man”) for a Lord of the Rings mini-marathon. 

Lord of the Rings is rated PG-13 for “epic battle sequences.”  Which, interestingly enough, are the parts of the movie that most held the guys attention.  We quickly coined a few terms…everything amazing became a “battle royale” (royal being pronounced “roy-elle”, as opposed to “royl”)and everyone amazing became “so & so is totally hard-core.”  In between the on-screen battle royals the guys created a few battle royals of their own, with spilled glasses of lemonade being the only casualty.

I called it a mini-marathon because we didn’t make it all the way through.  We decided to go for the extended versions, which chart out at 3:30 (Fellowship of the Ring), 3:45 (Two Towers), and 4:10 (Return of the King).  Our gathering started a bit later than we’d planned & was interrupted by a few spontaneous games of foosball, so we charged our way through about half of the series listed above, clocking out a bit over half-way through Two Towers when parents started showing up.

But, like any good movie, that just gives us a good reason for a sequel session.  We had a great time & it’s just the first of several hang-out times I’m trying to pull of with various students this week.  Here was the official damage for the day: 

1 oversized projector & 1 bed sheet for a screen

2 futon covers sprawled out on the floor with bunches of pillows

340 minutes of LOTR goodness

6 games of foosball

6 guys

2 large pizzas

5 quarts of lemonade

all the random snacks I could find in my house

countless farts & needless tackles

So is anyone else doing anything fun with students while they’re on break?  Would love to hear your ideas & experiences…


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