16 things

From Facebook:

alrighty…cause folks asked me to & cause i thought it’d be fun, here’s 16 little known facts (some might call them inane details) about the man known as jdh.

1 Pittsburg: even though i’m a die-hard Cleveland sports fan (which the fact that i’m a sports fan at all may be news to some folks), i much prefer the city of Pittsburgh as a city and have spent more of my life in it than Cleveland. i do still hate the Steelers. i just love their city.

2 The West Wing: i view the tv show The West Wing as one of God’s gifts to humanity. it makes me a hopeless emotional wreck often, spurred me on in asking a girl out once, likely played a role in my political leanings, and gives me hope for politics in general even though i know they’re incredibly hopeless.

3 abnormal friends: i have two (that i can think of) “virtual” friends (meaning friends who i came to know & only know via the internet). dan & josh. dan i met back in the day when i had a xanga account & so did he & we would read each other’s and comment. josh i met through his blog and our little experiment in Amir’s Taxi Fund.

4 childhood: most kids set up lemonade stands when they’re growing up to earn cash & whatnot. i, however, didn’t do lemonade stands…i set up a rock & shell museum at the end of my yard along the sidewalk. i collected rocks & seashells from all over & researched & labeled them. business never really picked up, though.

5 blog: i relaunched my blog over Christmas break & i’m pretty pumped about it: https://joeldaniel.wordpress.com. i was going to label this as shameless self-promotion, but i think a list of 16 things about yourself pre-defines the entirety as such.

6 theatre: i was in some sort of formal drama from 4th grade through when i graduated from college. that’s a lot of theater classes.

7 world view: i have a strange penchant for geography & maps. i could talk your ear off about them for hours. it all started years ago at the Boston Public Library and has never let up. most people don’t realize how misinformed they are about maps. i can also list all 192 UN member states. woohoo.

8 foosball: i was an avid foosball player in college. i’m still ok, but have lost a couple steps. but back in the day i was smokin’. this all started thanks to the foosball table we got while i was an 8th grader…i still remember helping shawn unpack it. i played my first ever foosball on a left-handed handled table (yes, there is such a thing) on a youth group fall retreat. i used to carry a tournament grade foosball around in my pocket…couldn’t stand the junky cheap ones most people used.

9 home: i own/live in a house built in 1924. cool on some levels for its “character” and style. a pain on pretty much every other level. but i wouldn’t want a new house, despite all my complaining.

10 height issues: i am 6 foot 4 1/2 inches tall. really. i stopped growing smack dab in between. and when people ask me how tall i am, i always have to include the half inch because i don’t want to exaggerate my height (6’5″), but i don’t want to undercut it, either. it was always my hope (and, honestly, i prayed for it, too) to be tall when i grew up, so i feel like i better be honest, right down to the 1/2 inch. strange bonus fact: i don’t have any relatives over 6 foot tall.

11 worldview part II: i’ve traveled in 10 countries. here they are in order: United States (40ish states so far), Canada, Trinidad & Tobago (2 weeks), Thailand (1 month), China (1 month), England (2 months +), Russia (2 weeks), Mozambique (2 weeks), Bolivia (2 weeks), and Guatemala (2 weeks). I’ve sat in airports in Japan, Senegal, and South Africa, but i don’t think that really counts. I’m not sure what’s next…maybe Europe?

12 musical inclinations: i play guitar. apparently a lot of people don’t know this, though i feel like it’s common knowledge. i took 4 years of piano lessons, but can’t really play. i only took 4 guitar lessons.

13 cars: i’ve only ever owned two cars. a Ford Taurus (which i hated) and a Saturn L200 series (which i love). my Saturn currently has 113,000 miles on it & going strong (it had 35,000 when i bought it). cool bonus fact: my family owned a ’69 camaro until it got totaled by a drunk driver in 1989. it was a pretty swell car.

14 strange pet peeves: i have a weird perfectionistic streak. my work spaces tend to be pretty messy, but if a picture is hanging on the wall, it has to be straight. or if something is getting cut out, it has to be perfect. design & structure of things must be very detailed & accurate. but my car’s a disaster zone.

15 science geek: i was on Science Olympiad when i was in middle school & loved it. i won 1st place in the state of Ohio one year for tower building. i built a tower that weighed 14 grams & held 20 kilograms of weight. boo-ya.

16 all done: i’m out of interesting unknown details. peace. oh wait. that’s it. i’m a pacifist.


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