Current Series: Christmas Conundrums

my friend, Andy Jack (who has since shut down his blog), gave me an idea in November for a December series.  so toward the end of last month i asked students for any questions they had about Christmas…no topic off limits.  from there we (my interns & i) sorted the questions into  4 general categories & have used them for the basis of our lessons this month.  week one i did a lesson i called “the myth of the nativity,” all about the things that we believe to be true about the Christmas story that aren’t.  week two was “the real meaning of Christmas?” talking about how the holiday has evolved over the years and where the traditions we use to celebrate it have come from.  week three, Chrissy is leading a lesson on Mary.  and on week four i’ll be doing a lesson on the wise men (which is appropriately falling after Christmas).  

it’s been a lot of fun researching each lesson and learning a lot about Christmas along the way.  i had no idea how much i didn’t know.  which seems like a constant lesson i’m learning these days…i have no idea how much i don’t know.  it’s somewhere in the category of a lot.  or more.  but after being out of formal education for going on 5 years, i’m really enjoying researching, studying, and pursuing a variety of topics, from the nativity story to world geography to adolescent development.


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