Africa related…

interesting article on athletes/celebrities and justice issues:

i think the author ignores some of the good stories that are out there (like Don Cheadle’s work with Sudan, or Joey Cheek, the US Speedskater who donated the money he won from gold medals at the Olympics last year to refugees in Darfur). But I also think that she has a point about professional athletes. It’s not fair to make any blanket statements saying they’re not doing anything (Lebron James even has an annual bike-a-thon in Akron to help out needy kids), but they could use their platform more.


in other Africa related news, President Bush announced his plans to extend PEPFAR for another 5 years and $15 billion dollars. definitely not a paltry sum. also definitely not pulling the end of the load that we ought to as one of the wealthiest nations in the world. he makes many claims about how this is the biggest gift ever…which it better be, seeing as we control over a quarter of the world’s economy in one country. at least it’s something?


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