a study in music videos

sorry it’s been so long. rather intense last week. on the other hand, not really sure many people take a look here that often. so if you hadn’t noticed i hadn’t posted recently, then i’m not sorry for you. but if, for some strange reason, you do check in here regularly and were disappointed by my lack of material, to you i am deeply apologetic.


music videos usually interest me very little. i find them largely uninspired and often incoherent. so i don’t usually watch them. however, this isn’t because i don’t believe that there’s incredible potential in music videos. such a genius mix of two complimentary art forms…swelling sound and moving pictures.

today i stumbled across a music video made for a song by a band called Menomena. as to the music, i’m still undecided as to if, why, and how i like their style. but i found this video absolutely entrancing because of it’s creative genius. yes, perhaps it is somewhat incoherent in the sense that i don’t know that there’s a disctinct message. but the genuine uniqueness of it is engaging. so you’ll find that as the first video here. following that, i thought to myself, i wonder how this song would be changed by a different video accompanying it. so, employing my friend youtube, i found two other versions. the one, found second here, is beautifully shot and has some intriguing artistry (interestingly shot on 16mm film). the third, and final video i found largely uninspiring, but kept it solely for what i thought was a brilliant shot found from 1:54-2:08, where there’s three distinct modes of transportation laid atop one another. i just like the flow of the shot…as an amateur videographer/student of cinema i saw in it a flash of brilliance. and i did find that each version gave me a different understanding and aftertaste of this sing, “wet & rusting”. i’m interested to hear what anyone thinks…about the song, about the movies, about the genre…

(the final one won’t let me imbed…you can see it by clicking here).


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